What I use to make mods

Since many people asked me how I make mods and what I use to make them, here is a post where I have written the software programs I currently use.
Note that I use a MacBook Pro running OS X but all these softwares should also be available on Windows too, not sure about Linux.


I write the code of my mods on my computer, some people prefer to code them directly on a mobile device, in my opinion coding mods on a computer is 10 times faster and easier.
I use Sublime Text 3 to code mods, it’s a nice code editor which supports plugins too.
With Package Control (a plugin manager for Sublime Text) I have loaded these plugins: GitGutter (to see the differences from my previous commit since I use a private Git repository for every mod), Seti_UI and SideBarEnhancements.


To make textures I use Adobe Photoshop CC and GIMP.


With sounds the approach is different, creating sounds from nothing is difficult so what I do is use other sounds released with a free license (free license means that I have to give credits to the original authors).
There are many free sounds websites but in my opinion the best are freesound.org and soundbible.com.
To modify these sounds and make them perfect as I want them, I use WavePad, this software is available on computers and on Android devices too. The Android version is pretty good too, I’ll leave a link here for it: WavePad Audio Editor on Google Play

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