Super Nuke Mod (April Fools)


Nuke your Minecraft world with this non-existent awesome super mod!
It allows you to destroy all your world with just a single tap*

*Actually it doesn’t

Installation instructions

• Download the mod.
• If you can’t download the mod, because actually is impossible, try to:
• Put your head in,
• Take your head out,
• Put your head in and you shake it all about.
• Do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around.
• That’s what it’s all about.
• Then the mod should work.


The Super Nuke Mod for Minecraft Pi Edition:

Website Download
Direct: Don’t Download
MediaFire: Don’t Download


Is this a picture of a nuke? I think so


This non-existent work is licensed under the Not-Creative Commons 3.14 April Fools International License.

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