Portal 2 Mod full changelog

Portal 2 Mod r015

- NEW: support for Minecraft PE 1.0.0 (still has few bugs, portals aren't transparent for example)
- UPDATE: improved Portal creation system
- UPDATE: use less IDs for Portals blocks and Radio block, this means less conflicts with other mods (thanks to julianwi)
- FIX: turrets now can't be killed by the player with the Portal Gun
- FIX: baby turrets
- FIX: many other fixes (for more information see commit history on https://github.com/Desno365/Portal-Mod)

Portal 2 Mod r014

- NEW: easier installation, with just one .modpkg file. Manual sounds installation is no longer necessary!
- UPDATE: blocks of the mod moved in the decorative blocks tab in the creative inventory
- UPDATE: Long Fall Boots added in the creative inventory
- FIX: fixed black text on dark background in the information UI

Portal 2 Mod r013

- NEW: support for Minecraft PE 0.14.0

Portal 2 Mod r012

- NEW: support for Minecraft PE 0.13.1
- FIX: fixed some minor bugs

Portal 2 Mod r011

- The mod has been completely rewritten. Basically it's like a new mod, so writing an accurate changelog is not possible
- NEW: support for Minecraft PE 0.12.x
- NEW: Turrets Defective
- NEW: Cube and Companion Cube
- NEW: new UIs when holding a Portal Gun or the Gravity Gun
- NEW: Portal Guns and Gravity Gun can pick up blocks
- UPDATE: automatic sounds installation (only music files need to be manually installed)
- UPDATE: volume of sounds based on the distance from the source
- UPDATE: better Jukebox
- UPDATE: better Jumper (Aerial Faith Plate)
- UPDATE: better repulsion gel (now it also makes your jump more powerful)

Portal 2 Mod r010

- NEW: support for Minecraft PE 0.11.x
- NEW: compatibility with Android M
- UPDATE: all the IDs have been changed! If you have a map that uses this mod you'll have to update it
- UPDATE: some items are now rendered vertically in third person view
- FIX: Long Fall Boots item now doesn't override the Chain Boots
- FIX: fix black background on textures of portals

Portal 2 Mod r009

- NEW: support for Minecraft PE 0.10.4

Portal 2 Mod r008

- FIX: fixed the bug that, when you are playing on negative axes, Jumper, Propulsion Gel and Repulsion Gel act like they are at -1 Z and -1 X from where they are

Portal 2 Mod r007

- NEW: the Repulsion Gel Block
- NEW: the Propulsion Gel Block
- NEW: the Portal Radio block (tap it to play the "radio loop" song)
- NEW: new UI in Minecraft style!
- NEW: a new settings to change the background image for the UIs
- UPDATE: re-written code for the turrets
- UPDATE: different folder for the portal-sounds
- FIX: GravityGun shoot image
- FIX: invisible portals with the latest BlockLauncher beta

Portal 2 Mod r006

- NEW: added the Portal's items in Creative
- FIX: when you destroy the block under a turret, the turret will fall instead of flying (sometimes glitchy, in certain circumstances the turret can move itself after falling)
- FIX: fixed the bug that in certain circumstances, without an Internet connection, the mod wrongly reports that there is a new update
- UPDATE: increased a little bit speed of the PortalGun's bullets

Portal 2 Mod r005

- NEW: you can set the buttons size for PortalGuns and GravityGun
- NEW: place 4 turrets near themselves and they will start to sing (see https://i.imgur.com/foYMwi1.jpg)
- UPDATE: increased the max limit of turrets, now you can spawn a max of 20 turrets.
- UPDATE: turrets open the guns when they are shooting. And if aggressive is ON a laser for the turret will appear
- UPDATE: added an option in the Turrets Options GUI for removing the turret
- FIX: fixed the bug that turrets fly after they have been dropped by a PortalGun or by a GravityGun

Portal 2 Mod r004

- UPDATE: now compatible with MCPE 0.9.x
- NEW: Turrets
- NEW: GravityGun
- NEW: PortalGuns can pick mobs
- NEW: momentum
- NEW: the PortalGun change color when you shoot
- NEW: added "credits", "custom maps" and "settings for map-makers" section in the GUI
- NEW: check updates automatically when you launch the game (needs internet connection)
- UPDATE: flat portals
- UPDATE: new algorithm for long fall boots (works better)
- UPDATE: updated "support the developer" section in the GUI
- FIX: now correctly deletes the portals when your exit the game

Portal 2 Mod r003

- NEW: restyled GUI
- NEW: you can spawn portals under blocks (see https://imgur.com/GRlgnFX)
- NEW: damage for Portal guns
- NEW: sound for the PortalGun Wood & Stone
- NEW: "turret song" in the Portal jukebox
- FIX: fixed the bug that blue portals can be placed outside the world
- UPDATE: speed of "mobs support for portals and jumper" improved by ≈90%
- NEW: there is also an Easter Egg hidden in the "Portal Informations" GUI, is a button that you have to long press (can someone find it?)

Portal 2 Mod r002

- NEW: option in the "Portal Informations" GUI to enable support of mobs in portals and jumpers
- NEW: sounds
- NEW: Portal Jukebox block
- NEW: jumper block
- NEW: long fall boots
- FIX & UPDATES: bug fix and improvements

Portal 2 Mod r001:

- Initial release

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