Jukebox Mod r005
- NEW: easier installation!

Jukebox Mod r004
- NEW: support for Minecraft PE 0.13.x

Jukebox Mod r003
- UPDATE: IDs of discs updated, now they are the same as in Minecraft PC
- UPDATE: discs moved in the Tools category in the creative menu
- UPDATE: the useless Information UI has been removed
- FIX: the disc is not removed anymore from hand in creative

Jukebox Mod r002
- NEW: now it's possible to craft the jukebox
- UPDATED: increased the distance when the volume of the music is 0 (before the volume became 0 at 30 blocks, now you need a distance of 65 blocks for a volume of 0). This is now the same as the PC

Jukebox Mod r001
- Initial release