DesnoGuns addons

How to install an addon

• Make sure you have installed the DesnoGuns Mod, without it addons won’t work.
• Download the addon you want to install (addons are modpkg files).
• Open BlockLauncher and in Manage ModPE scripts import the modpkg file from local storage.
• Restart BlockLauncher and enjoy the addon!

The best addons for the DesnoGuns Mod:

Featured addons

Creating a new addon

Instead of making a written reference that is long to read and to understand I think it’s better to provide a working example of an addon with all the features you would need.
You will also find comments that explain every API you can use in your addon.

• Note: a modpkg file is a renamed .zip file with the extension of .modpkg

Example Addon for developers r004: Download

Example Addon r004 Changelog

- added two iron sight for the P90 and AK47
- isIronSight property examples (must be used for iron sight for DesnoGuns r019 and up)

Example Addon r003 Changelog

- new gun: M40A3 Night Vision
- examples for new APIs: customAimImageLayerPath, hasNightVision, countdownSoundExplosiveOnTime

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